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Ice-Fix Brow Gel

Ice-Fix Brow Gel

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ICE • FIX, the ultimate brow product, acts like brow lamination in a pot, delivering remarkable results that will amaze you. It instantly lifts and defies gravity, giving you great brows in seconds.

Applying ICE • FIX is a breeze, with no need to wet the brush. Simply apply it from the pot to your brows for an instant "WOW" effect. Whether you prefer a feathered or sleek look, our unique formula tames unruly brow hairs, providing a sculpted, laminated appearance without flaking, stiffness, or residue. Experience full-bodied brows with volume that lasts.

Designed for all brow hair types, ICE • FIX is perfect for thin brows, full brows, and even brows with gaps. You can easily use pencil powder or tinted gel over ICE • FIX once it sets, which happens in seconds, to fill any gaps. When used on clients, we found that ICE • FIX reduced the need for finishing products by 70% in sparse brows.

With its super-strong, long-lasting hold, ICE • FIX ensures your brows stay in place without causing damage. Infused with Vitamin B5, it nourishes and moisturizes every brow strand, while repairing damaged areas, leading to healthier brows with reduced breakage. Say hello to flawless brows that defy gravity and stand out.

NET WT: 0.28fl.oz / 8g e


Water (aqua) ceteareth-30, d-sorbitol ,propanediol, glycerin, phenoxyethanol propylene glycol, ethylhexylglycerin , citric acid , potassium sorbate vitamin b5


Apply on clean brows, brush through the brow in a upwards direction and with a light touch use finger to press down. Keep brushing them in the desired direction as they set. Ensure the cap remains tightly closed at all times when not in use to keep this product in optimum consistency and to avoid it drying out.

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